WinUtilities PRO Review

boxUpgrading your PCs hardware will only provide temporary relief from experiencing less than desirable speeds. Once you use it for a while, it is back to square one in terms of slower than desired speeds. What would be the ideal way to remedy the situation? Well, you need to tune-up your operating system.

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On further investigation it was discovered that most Window based operating systems would rake in huge amounts of data from the time you first boot it. Ironically, only a fraction of this data will be used while the remainder would become invalid or obsolete. But, what can we do. Windows like to keep it all there which only clutters your computer’s hard drive and hinders your PCs performance unnecessarily.

Essentially, all you would need to do is cut off any unnecessary data and fix any invalid records. Unfortunately, Windows does not give you enough tools to accomplish this task. New users would simply try to reinstall their Windows operating system from new or try to upgrade the hardware they have. What if there was a solution to this problem? Luckily there is one and it comes in the form of the WinUtilities PRO suite that goes on to repair and optimize your operating system using more than 20 comprehensive tools that improve slow computers performance.

There is no special knowledge needed as even newbies can easily use it. The application used remains in the memory of your computer all the time while the icon is visible in your system tray which can be accessed by the click of your mouse button or even set to run on a desired schedule.

WinUtilities PRO goes on to clean any cluttered registry while doing all of the following:

  • Registry errors gets sorted out
  • Obsolete and redundant files are removed from your hard drive
  • Duplicate files are removed
  • Fragmented data get defragged
  • Invalid shortcuts are fixed
  • Memory gets optimized
  • Sensitive data gets protected

In addition, the software makes use of file un-delete to help recover files sitting on NTFS as well as FAT volumes. It frees up more space through using File Splitter that would split your files into small pieces, then assemble it into its original file. The EXE Protector of the WinUtilities PRO is there to help protect exe files using secure passwords. Then, the System Control of this software would go on to configure your files, system properties and folders while opening the applets of your control panel without even needing any admin privileges. This might sound a little techie for most, but you can be sure that the WinUtilities PRO is compatible with all editions of Windows.

Final Verdict

Most of all, the WinUtilities PRO does what is needed to both optimize and speed up the performance of your PC. The suite contains all the utilities and tools needed to ensure that everything that is needed to make your computer run like new again is taken care of. We are talking about defragging, erasing temporary files and browsing history, finding and removing duplicate files, fixing broken shortcuts, uninstalling software that is not needed, scheduling of maintenance tasks, you name it, the WinUtilities PRO has got it. No one should be without it, period!

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